From the Ground Up: Root Chakra Work w/ Guided Meditation

Something has been going on with me lately. At first glance, it looks like irritability, issues concentrating and lack of restful sleep. I feel reactive, thin-skinned, unanchored and short-tempered. When someone’s strong energy comes into my space, I feel like it’s amplified at least five times its actual or intended intensity.

I’ll admit that during those times, I spent less time figuring out what I could do to improve my emotional/energetic state and more time deconstructing the behaviors of others that “made” me feel and react in ways that really didn’t serve me or honor the practice I have been cultivating to think and behave the literal opposite. The downward spiral that came with all the compounded emotions — frustration, guilt, sadness, shame, powerlessness, disappointment — is still affecting me, but began to direct me to a deeper understanding of what I needed to do to pull myself out of the revolving door of trying to figure out why this is happening or how exactly it’s supposed to contribute to my highest good.

Life comes at fast and it doesn’t take a break. When we are feeling out of sorts and have trouble finding our footing, it’s a good indication that we need to take a breath, a step back and closer look at how we have been tending to our root chakra.

Our root chakra, located at the base of our spines, is our place of stability. Like the name suggests, it keeps us feeling rooted and connected — to our sense of self, to our sense of purpose — so that we may live in and make moves from a foundation that is intentional, deliberate and durable. Spending time tending to our root chakras focuses our attention on being grounded and can begin to inspire us to react and feel in different ways because of a change in perspective.

Meditation focused on clearing, activating and grounding the root chakra using our attention and intention helps us to feel more balanced and centered — not just while we’re breathing quietly but also during times when our patience is being challenged. The more we meditate, the easier it becomes to access that peaceful place in times when it seems furthest away. Like, when we feel frustrated, indecisive or reactive.  And because each chakra affects the others, working on the root chakra to stabilize errant emotions benefits all of the others as well. Think of it as one of the most important pieces to beginning a complete system overhaul.

Below is a brief video of a guided meditation that I often use in the morning before I get my day started. If I skip it, I make sure I remember to do it as soon as I can. Try incorporating it into your daily ritual and see how it affects you.


Video: Guided Meditation for Balancing and Healing Your Root Chakra

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