Inner Vision: Your Sanctuary Amidst the Chaos

Your imagination is your greatest gift. Within you lies a universe of possibility and world that willingly responds to your every wish, whim and command. In the eye of your mind, you can create the cosmos just the way you want it. The limiting laws of time and space in the physical realm have no bearing over the infinity of your soul and its ability to envision a new reality. You could actually be sitting in your living room right now, yet — in an instant — your mind can transport you to any paradise you desire.

You can see yourself standing on the crystal clear water’s edge of a serene beach in Ibiza as iridescent foam washes over your toes and dissolves like cotton candy into the gritty sand under the glittering sun. Or maybe you’re lounging beneath a lazy moon in Bali, gazing at the stars from a balcony as the smell of plumeria flowers settles into the evening. Wherever your imagination can take you, your energy will follow.

Our sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, is a powerful source of foresight, insight and intuition. Located behind and between our eyebrows, this is the door of perception that illuminates how we see ourselves, each other and the world, and can give us an indication of where we can use some balancing.

Visualization is a major function of the third eye chakra, connecting the sixth chakra to the other power centers in the body. When we imagine or visualize ourselves improving our communication with others (fifth chakra), aligning with the energy of abundance (root chakra), having better self esteem (solar plexus) or taking more time to enjoy life (sacral chakra), the other chakras are activated and respond to this inner vision.

Using this inner sight, we can envision ourselves in a state of peace right now, no matter what is going on around us and the rest of our chakras will begin to respond accordingly. If you’re triggered by someone or something that’s been said, imagine yourself in a state of peace. At first it might feel uncomfortable, false, illusive, unfair but with practice and reflection, you’ll be able to return to this inner sanctuary where your energy is not disturbed by what’s happening out there.

It’s not about pretending something isn’t bothering you, ignoring what’s really going on or living in a fantasy. It’s about owning your power, recognizing your ability to direct your energy towards your own healing and shift your vibration…which has a reverberating effect in any situation. Your fifth chakra will interpret that energy and help you speak with grace. Your fourth chakra will be able to offer some compassion — to you and whatever is triggering you — and diffuse some of the anger. Your solar plexus will help you remain in your power by not making you a victim of someone or something else’s influence. Your root chakra will help you stay grounded as your sixth chakra simultaneously provides you with insight into why you’re creating this pattern and how peace is possible right now, if you’re willing to redirect your focus.

If you have already have a kingdom of serenity that you can go to restore your faith in yourself (and maybe humanity) and the path your life is taking, cherish it. Keep it free from doubt, discouragement and the disdain of others. Cleanse it with loving thoughts, shower it with divine light, shield it from external influences that don’t have your highest good at heart.

If you are still building your inner temple, try spending some time each day visualizing yourself and your life the way you want it to be by focusing on how you want to feel. Give yourself permission to recreate, remove or rearrange whatever you want and allow that energy to compel you to take action that will lead to the fulfillment of your inner vision.

This is a lifetime practice. You will experience waves of improvement as well as times when you struggle so deeply you’ll wonder if you’ve forgotten what peace even feels like. Persist. Rejoice in the times when the habit comes easily and you can float through situations energetically unscathed. As multidimensional beings, our physical lives are an expression of our energetic state. When we learn to integrate the strengths of our chakras, we can reshape our reality from the inside out.

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