Information in your Energy

Sometimes in our attempts to be full of love, light, peace and no bad feelings (ever), we can kind of over-do it. We learn about transmuting energy, shifting our focus, breathing techniques, ways to integrate our highest self and other spiritual technologies that show us how to expand our consciousness and live in the highest vibration possible. Or, essentially, how to keep our cool, not sweat the small stuff and be good to ourselves and other people.

To be honest, it can be exhausting. Especially when it feels like it’s just one thing after the other that keeps coming up to give you the often uncomfortable opportunity to integrate all of that love and light you swear you have while you’re meditating, visualizing and living in your emotionally safe bubble of practice.

When unwanted, uncomfortable, unpleasant, unfamiliar or painful feelings come up, naturally, we want to resist them. Put them away for later or just push them down beneath the high vibrations we are trying to maintain. During those times, I just feel like giving up. I’ve done my breathing, I’ve held my warrior pose when my calves were burning, I’ve witnessed and observed my emotions but here I am again, getting mad, irritated, disappointed, jealous or feeling sorry for myself. Here I am. Again.

I get tired of repeating the pattern, tired of getting on the emotional rollercoaster by choice time after time. That’s when I know I am ready to start asking myself important questions, calling my power back and moving into a new reality where I’m not at the whims of my easily-disturbed energy.

No one can make you feel any way that you don’t allow them. You get to choose how you respond to any interaction or situation. It can be difficult to accept this much responsibility for your feelings, but once you do, you will begin to remove blocks from your energy body that may be impacting your ability to connect intimately with others (heart chakra), express yourself and enforce your boundaries with grace (throat chakra) or how confident you feel in life (solar plexus). The chakras all work in tandem, so when begin to work with the energy of one, all of them are responsive to the shift in vibration.

When you feeling an old energetic pattern coming up, ask questions and listen intuitively for answers. You may get them immediately or later during yoga, breathwork, daydreaming or falling asleep. Be open to the answers.

Here are some questions to try:

  • When was the first time I remember experiencing this feeling?
  • Am I willing to step into my power and take responsibility for creating this experience?
  • What can I learn from this on a soul level?
  • What would it look like if I broke this pattern?


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