Chakra Shelf: 5 Books You Need to Read

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I have been interested in chakras for some time now. At first, it was just a mild, unexplained affinity that slowly but surely bloomed into a central focus of my life and healing journey. Along the way, I have read many books about chakras and have found that these are among my favorites.

Chakra Foods for Optimum Health
Understanding that the things we put into our physical body has a profound affect on our subtle bodies has informed my understanding of nutrition and overall well-being in a way that happily divorces me from diet culture without taking me away from what it means to eat healthy. This book makes clear connections between specific foods by addressing how each chakra relates to and informs our relationship with food, offers insight into potential causes of imbalance and provides recipes to support and nourish the chakras.

Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System
Written by Anodea Judith, this amazingly comprehensive book really gave me a well-rounded view of the chakras and their real life applications beyond the common catchphrases. Before reading this book, I had already encountered so much information about chakras that I was beginning to feel like reading more content would simply satisfy the blackhole of my curiosity but not really tell me anything new. Reading this book, though, felt like it offered such a refreshing perspective – even though it was written in 1987. This book is a gem a must-have for anyone interesting in diving deep into themselves.

The Everything Guide to Chakra Healing
I typically avoid publications with titles like this, especially and particularly when it comes to spiritually-inclined information, but after flipping through it quickly in a bookstore and finding a hearty chapter on chakra yoga with exercises and illustrations, I was interested in reading more. Like the book suggests, it covers a little bit of everything related to the chakras including meditation, visualization, aromatherapy and Ayurveda.

Kundalini & the Chakras
After finding a small community of like-minded women of color to do some Kundalini yoga with and experiencing some serious energetic highs as a result, I became really interested in how this energy affects and interacts with the chakras. This book examines the chakras from a Kundalini approach, sharing how the chakras develop within this energy framework and what the interaction with the fiery energy can mean for your development. I’d recommend this for people who are specifically interested in the interaction and interplay of kundalini energy with chakras, as it’s not just a general overview.

Chakra Tonics: Essential Elixirs For The Mind, Body, And Spirit
This book focuses on increasing the flow of energy in your chakras through the healing hues and vibrations of fruits, vegetables and herbs in liquid form. It offers insight into particular foods that contribute to overall chakra health and provides recipes for smoothies, teas, juices, tonics and more that benefit the chakra system and the subtle bodies.


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