It’s All About Progess, Not Perfection

This seemingly sisyphean task we have taken on of dredging up the buried pain and trauma that affects our daily existence is no small feat – to say the least – but it’s definitely a worthy one. When we choose to voyage to our most tender parts and dare to begin the journey of healing ourselves, the universe conspires to give us the resources to do so. Whether our injuries are superficial or significant, the path to unearthing our bliss is paved in lessons. Some we will clearly understand, others will make sense in time and few may never reveal their purpose…at least in this lifetime.

When you call forth your higher self and ask to evolve spiritually and energetically, you are really calling forth the experiences that will mold your soul. The books we have read will help us, the lessons we have learned up until this point will give guidance and the work we have done inside will buoy us during times that seem darker than midnight, but these moments are when we are truly doing what so many of have lovingly referred to as practice.

It’s very easy to say we are practicing kindness or compassion when we are alone in a quiet room with candles and incense, meditating on the beauty and overwhelming abundance in the universe. But, when we are in the midst of experiencing bodily reflexes we recognize as anger, frustration, anxiety or sadness or interacting with people who inspire these emotions to rise in us for various reasons, it can be difficult to muster up kindness or compassion and those are the exact moments when we must do so. This is the practice.

Because the universe is a reflection of our innermost thoughts and beliefs, I have often found myself caught up in the whirlwind of guilt and blame from witnessing what I have manifested in my life at times. If I am not careful, I can view the difficult interactions, awkward conversations, abrupt endings, searing misunderstandings and heartbreaking disappointments as a personal attack. I go into victim mode and start trying to assign blame to an outside source or force. But, then I remember I have done the work and now is the time to practice what I have learned.

I breath into my heart chakra, being mindful to keep it open and activated because I often feel tightness in my chest when I experience strong emotions. I repeat my mantras and affirmations. I remind myself that each moment is coated in glittering perfection and ground my root chakra in the knowing that I am always safe. I try to keep my cool.

Sometimes I can remember to do that before I start reacting, but honestly? Most times I don’t. That’s why I do the work and shift my focus from perfection to progression. That one change in perspective can open you up to so much growth because you give yourself space for even the tiniest of positive changes, which lead to major changes.

So, keep going. Continue drinking your lemon water and smiling into the moonlight. Don’t stop burning sage or making sure your soles touch the earth each day. Stretch, get sunlight, meditate, eat live foods, cry sacred tears, give your grief to the ocean and love yourself deeply. It’s not your job to try be perfect…because you already are.

One thought on “It’s All About Progess, Not Perfection

  1. What you say about meditating on loving kindness and then going out into the world and actually practicing is so so true. It is not easy, but we must practice in order to help others and ourselves become higher versions of ourselves. Thank you.


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